2019 Memorial

Ar Sanjay Mohe

Graduated from Sir JJ college of Architecture founding partner of 14 year old firm “Mindspace” in Bengaluru. Mohe had a working association of 21 years with Bengaluru’s Chandravarkar and Thacker Associates, stints with Ar Charles Correa in Mumbai and Saudi Arabia. His work spans a spectrum of projects – Research Laboratories, Knowledge Parks, Campus Designs, Beach Resorts, Libraries, Corporate Offices, Hospice and Residences. Some of the awards won include- The Golden Architect Award by A+D & Spectrum Foundation Architecture Award (2009), India; J K Cements Architect of the Year Award – 1991 /1999 /2001 /2004 /2007 /2008/2013; The Award of the Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects – 2002; ar+d International Annual Award of Architectural Review (1999), London, Gold Medal from ARCASIA (the Asian Forum for Institutes of Architecture-1998).

Design Philosophy

“The design philosophy of our work lies in working with the elements of nature, respecting the five senses and attempting to use ‘light and air’ as building materials.

Our underlying attempt in all projects is to participate, understand and work with nature, while also trying to imbibe culture and people’s aspirations. Imbibing nature into the interiors brings in positive energy besides enabling the building to breathe. Sustainability is an integral part of our work where we try and use forces of nature effectively- natural light, ventilation, water, in optimum measures, keeping in perspective both the functional and emotional quotients. The spaces are crafted according to the light and activity. We work towards creating naturally cooler internal conditions by creating buffers to avoid the harsh sun, minimizing glazing on western facades with high radiation and bringing in a strong air flow into the building.

It is about taking CARE…. taking care of the people, of the functions, of the environment, of the nature.We believe in ideas without limits, and strive to create spaces without boundaries, as architecture for us is beyond the cosmetic and about the soul: it is about falling in love with an idea and fighting relentlessly for its realization” says Mohe

Brigade Parkside, Bengaluru

CMR School, BTM layout, Bengaluru

Dr Anji Reddy Memorial, Hyderabad

IIMB (Classroom Comple )

TITAN, Bengaluru