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Bibhuti Man Singh

Bibhuti Man Singh, a renowned architect hailing from Nepal, is an esteemed figure in the world of architecture. With a career spanning several decades, he has left an indelible mark on the architectural landscape of Nepal and has become an influential figure internationally. Bibhuti is known for his innovative designs, commitment to preserving Nepali heritage, and dedication to disaster management.

Bibhuti Man Singh graduated from the West Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore in 1972, laying the foundation for his architectural journey. He further expanded his knowledge through a postgraduate programme sponsored by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). With his educational background, innate talent, and passion for architecture, Bibhuti has showcased his expertise in blending traditional and modern architectural elements seamlessly.
As the Chief Architect of Technical Interface, Thamel, Bibhuti has spearheaded numerous projects, including iconic structures like the Park Village Resort, Club Himalaya, Himalayan Bank in Birgunj, and the Himalayan Pavilion in Hannover – Expo 2000. The exceptional quality of his work has been recognised by esteemed institutions such as the Society of Consulting Architectural and Engineering Firms, which awarded him a commendation plaque.

While Bibhuti Man Singh does not limit himself to a specific architectural style, he has a profound appreciation for traditional Nepali architecture. He incorporates elements from temples, vernacular structures, and old residential buildings into his designs whenever suitable, attracting attention both within Nepal and on the international stage. His involvement in designing the Nepal National Pavilion at the Hanover Expo 2000 in Germany, showcasing Nepal’s rich cultural heritage and receiving overwhelming praise from visitors worldwide.

In addition to his architectural endeavours, Bibhuti Man Singh has dedicated himself to disaster management and community engagement. Recognising Nepal’s vulnerability to earthquakes, he tirelessly works to raise awareness among local communities and promote preparedness for potential disasters. As the convener of the Disaster Management Committee, he has initiated community-level initiatives, collaborating with organisations such as youth clubs, the Red Cross, the police, and the general populace. By empowering local communities and advocating for preparedness, Bibhuti aims to ensure that Nepali society is equipped to handle the inevitable challenges posed by natural disasters.
As an architect, Bibhuti Man Singh believes that the true essence of his craft evolves with time. With each new project, he continues to learn and evolve, infusing his work with wisdom gained from a lifetime of experiences. He serves as an inspiration to aspiring architects and a testament to the power of architecture in shaping communities and preserving cultural heritage. Alongside his architectural pursuits, Bibhuti contributes to professional societies and organisations, including his role as the President ( 2006-2009) of the Society of Nepali Architects (SONA). Through these engagements, he aspires to create platforms for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and advancements in the field of architecture.

Bhaisipati Residence

Crystal City, Tahachal, Kathmandu

Dwarikas Hotel, Battis Putali, Kathmandu

Expo 2000 ,Hannover, Germany

Godawari School, Godawari, Lalitpur

Mr. Borish, Thokha, Kathmandu