2022 Memorial

Anjalendran C

Anjalendran did his architectural B.Sc in Sri Lanka (1973), and completed his post-graduate diploma (1976) and a research masters (1979) in space syntax at University College London.

Returning to Sri Lanka in 1978, he next practiced architecture off his mother’s veranda, but simultaneously did errands of apprenticeship for the grand master of Sri Lankan contemporary architecture, Geoffrey Bawa, for ten years for no fee following the guru-pupil system of learning in Asia, where he learned by watching the master resolve the dilemmas encountered by modern life and architecture.

Surrounded by circumstances of war, following his natural inclinations he embarked on projects which were utilitarian, but still retained an aesthetic appeal, perhaps better described as an architecture for everyday life. This is perhaps best exemplified by his veranda office which is folded away each evening; as well as his mode of conveyance, a Bajaj three-wheeler, which has been stylishly upgraded. For over 14 years Anjalendran did work for SOS KINDERDORF INTERNATIONAL providing care for orphan and destitute children. This work has received international recognition and demonstrates his ability to provide both, stability and tranquility, through the effective organization of space.

Anjalendran has exhibited and presented his work, as well as his writings on the contemporary architecture of Sri Lanka, internationally. His work has been published as “Anjalendran – Architect of Sri Lanka” by David Robson, Tuttle (Singapore), 2009. His work has been presented at the Royal Institute of British Architects in March 2010. In October 2011, he has also been honored with “Golden Award for Global Contribution to Architecture” in New Delhi.

More recently in August 2015 “The Architectural Heritage of Sri Lanka: Measured Drawings from the Anjalendran Studio” by David Robson, was published by Laurance King. Artra Magazine has just published an issue on his featuring his recent work: “Architecture of Anjalendran”

Anjalendran has also been the first year design tutor, in the City School of Architecture in Sri Lanka for over 10 years., and has taught the subject of History from its inception. in October 1987.Furthermore he spends his spare time travelling throughout the world looking at architecture & gardens.