2024 Memorial


Ambuja Neotia, like all previous editions is happy announce the 7th edition of the Annual Charles Correa Memorial Lecture, 2024. Each year it has been our endeavor to celebrate the architectural thought process and values of the Indian master Charles Correa who was not only an Indian architect but also had a great following across South East Asia and the world as a whole.
The eminent architects who have delivered the memorial lectures in the last 6 editions are all stalwarts in their domains and regions. The common thread that links all of them even though they come from diverse backgrounds and geographies is that they are all practitioners and proponents of human and environmental values and the arts, crafts, culture and society. These very aspects were the hallmarks of Correa’s architectural thinking.

This year, we shall have amongst us architect Andra Matin from Jakarta, Indonesia. Architect Matin is amongst the most renowned and eminent architects of not only Indonesia but also of the current times. His is an architectural journey and quest for an identity and vocabulary just like Correa that would address his own sensibilities as well as his inclinations towards architecture. His passion and penchant of transforming and elevating everyday aspects to carefully assembled spaces that almost break free from convention sets him apart as a true pathfinder. He has continued to evolve while creating spaces that are close to his heart-which also have collectively carved out and pointed towards a new direction for contemporaries and followers.

Matin has received several regional and global awards including the Aga Khan award 2022 for his design of Banyuwangi Airport.

“Established in 1998, andramatin is a studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The practice, which was once consisted of small team working mainly on residential projects, has now expanded to do broader scale and type of projects varying from furniture to urban design projects. Aiming to cultivate a richer variety of works and remain inclusive, andramatin has consistently related itself with different forms of cultural production to expand the possibility of its architecture.”  www.andramatin.com

Besides listening to Matin about his work and his quest for higher values and identity, there will also be an exhibition of his works at the same venue. We hereby reach out to the followers of the Annual Charles Correa Memorial Lecture and the architecture community of Kolkata and beyond to block the date 6th July, 5:30pm to 8 pm for being a part of this annual homage to Correa as well as celebration of Architecture.

Bibhuti Man Singh

Chief Architect of Technical Interface, Kathmandu Nepal

Bibhuti Man Singh graduated from the West Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore in 1972. He obtained his post-graduate training in Japan. After serving the Nepal Government for a short stint, he set up his architectural practice in 1979.

Besides, numerous buildings in Nepal of various typologies in these fifty years of engagement with Architecture, he has also done notable work in heritage promotion through design-build of National Pavilions as part of Nepal’s participation in World Expos in Germany, China and Italy. He was commended with a Plaque from the Society of Consulting Architectural and Engineering Firms.

A classicist at heart, he has been against form seeking that is detached from function and purpose. His intellectual journey has led him to find solace and validation in the esoteric pursuits of cosmology, symbolism, archetypes or other such concerns related to roots, of person, society, culture, nation or species.

Ashish Acharjee
Annual Charles Correa Memorial Lecture, Kolkata 2024